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Drill Review – 29 July 2015 (Practice, Practice, Practice)

What happened:

We had visitors from both the Central Ohio Young Marines and the Young Marines of Cincinnati.  They helped clear out some excess gear we had.

Those attending the Washington, DC trip got their last minute information from Ms. Wilson and Mr. O’Ryan.  Remember to be at St. Peter that event Sunday, 2 August at 0600.

We had a video on Drug Demand Reduction (World’s Most Dangerous Drug).  For those of you missing DDR hours, make sure you get those made up ...

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Recruiting Ribbons

There are two ribbons that Young Marines can earn for their recruiting efforts.

The first and easiest to get is the Outstanding Recruiter Award.

This is awarded to any Young Marine that brings in five or more recruits within a year.  At least three of those five must graduate recruit training.  That’s it.  You can get more than one awarding of this (bronze stars).  With our class coming up soon, get out there and earn one for yourself!


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Southwest OH 3rd Battalion of Young Marines Hold Encampment

DSC_0259 BN

The Southwest OH 3rd Battalion consists of three Young Marine companies: Central Ohio (Greater Columbus region); Cincinnati (Greater Cincinnati region); and Miami Valley (Greater Miami Valley region).  Last weekend from 10 to 12 July, a battalion encampment was held in the Englewood Reserve (Vandalia, OH).  Fifty-three Young Marines, fourteen staff members, and some helpful parents met to hold an event filled competitive and ...

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Drill Review – 15 July 2015

YM Sgt Reisinger led a group of Young Marines in assembling our tents that were wet from the weekend and allowed them to dry out before stowing them back away.

Young Marines practiced Knockout Drill during their free time.

We had a leadership class for the NCOs led by XO Bowling and TO Miller.  Basic Young Marines were given time to get their guidebooks signed off.

  • Classes on Public Speaking.
  • Communications Games
  • Uniform is Utilities without ribbons.
  • Read Performance Objective 6 in your current guidebook to prepare ...
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Drill Review – 8 July 2015


While not the most exciting of drills, it was a necessary one.  Our time was spent practicing, packing, and finishing up final touches in preparation for the Battalion Encampment.

YM Sgt Roaché and YM Sgt Reisinger led classes for Young Marines during downtime on various topics while YM Cpl Slader, YM Cpl Ward, and YM Sgt Reisinger led their teams in their various practices.

  • After Action Reports regarding Battalion Encampment
  • Turn in Gear from Encampment
  • Clean up Tents from Encampment
  • Uniform is PT Gear with ...
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Drill Review – 1 July 2015

These weekly reports will help fill you in on anything you may have missed during a regular drill.  Feel free to ask questions for other Young Marines or Staff to answer below.

We started out by awarding our monthly awards, quarterly awards, and promotions.  Congratulations to all who received a new award or rank!

We then had Citizenship classes with the Basic Young Marines getting a class by YM/Sgt Rosfeld on the Responsibilities of a Citizen (Basic PO 8, ...

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Spring Quarterly Awards

Each quarter we get to recognize a Young Marine, Staff Member, and Parent for their outstanding efforts within the Miami Valley Young Marines.  These recipients are selected by the Unit Commander based on nominations submitted by anyone in the unit (you can make your submissions anytime during the quarter using our submission form).  Without further ado lets announce our winners:

Young Marine of the Quarter


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July Awards

Numerous awards were presented 1 July, 2015.  Congratulations to all of our new recipients!

Academic Achievement Award

YM Cpl Crawford (with gold lamp device)

Community Service Award

YM Sgt Murphy (fourth award)
YM Sgt Roaché (third award)

Drill Team Award

YM Sgt Reisinger
YM Cpl ...

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