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Drill Review – 26 August 2015 (Trapping 101)

What happened:

The Young Marines had a special guest instructor come in.  Mr. Albino (Army SgtMaj, Retired) who taught the Young Marines how to construct and set survival traps.  We were also treated to Drug Demand Reduction speeches given by our Young Marines.  This helped improve our drug awareness as well as practice our public speaking skills.

Our Recruit class continued learning and took their first quiz.  YM Cpl Loper was a huge help with the recruits.  They learned about ...

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Young Marine Spotlight – Karl Slader

Young Marine Corporal Karl Slader is this month’s Spotlight Young Marine.

Not only is YM Cpl Slader our youngest NCO, today we look at other info about him!

  • Nickname: The Bull or Short Man
  • Favorite Sports Team:  New Orleans Saints
  • Favorite adult figure: his mother
  • What makes him nervous: competing in his sports
  • Favorite Animal: the honey badger
  • Person the motivates him the most: his football coach
  • His super power (if he had one): the power to think of something and get it
  • His collection: Nerf guns
  • Favorite community service experience: Toys for Tots
  • His MVYM mentor: YM SSgt ...
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Drill Review – 19 August 2015 (Survival Training Begins)

What happened:

The Young Marines began their Survival Training series with an intro of the Island Survival game as well as a class on the Priorities of Survival.  We will continue this series in the coming weeks leading up to our Survival Encampment next month.

Recruit Training Class 2-2015 began tonight with more youth eager to join our ranks.  The Recruits began training by learning the Positions of Attention, the Duties of a Team Member, the Young Marine Obligation, the National ...

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August Awards and Promotions

To simplify this post, we are going to combine them into one post instead of 2-3 separate ones.

Longevity Award

Mr. Girard (12 years of service)
Mr. Miller (9 years of service)
Ms. Wilson (9 years of service)

Academic Achievement (w/ gold lamp device)

YM Cpl Slader

Drill Team Competition (w/ bronze palm device)

YM SSgt Murphy
YM Sgt Reisinger
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Operation Vigilant Shield

Our unit-wide Drug Demand Reduction effort in support of the Young Marines Program’s Red Ribbon Week.

What is Operation Vigilant Shield?:
This is a four-fronted “attack” against harmful drugs in our community sponsored by the Miami Valley Young Marines.

Who is involved?:
Anyone in the community can take part in this effort, especially the Young Marines, Parents, and Staff Members of the Miami Valley Young Marines.

When does this begin?: 
The planning stages of the event begin on 12 August, 2015 with the ...

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Individuals of the Quarter Awards

Each quarter we award three special awards.  One for the Young Marine of the Quarter, one for the Staff Member of the Quarter, and one for the Parent of the Quarter.

These are selected by the Unit Commander based on nominations from anyone.  Anytime you see someone (YM, Parent, or Staff) that is going above and beyond to ensure our Unit is the best that it can be, then please take a moment and fill out the

How do I nominate someone?:

Nominations ...

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