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Video: E-Cigarette Explodes in Man’s Pocket

Warning, this video may contain some graphic scenes, parents please review before showing to your Young Marines.

Video shared from the Associated Press YouTube Channel.

While there is much debate between whether or not e-cigarette’s are more harmful than tobacco cigarette’s the man in this video discovered a hidden danger that can occur while using these.  In the surveillance video you can see a man at the counter of a convenience ...

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Drill Review – 17 February 2016


Nice to be back to drill after all of the weather closings.  We played a little catch up and completed some courses needed to catch up on our Map and Compass skills.  This will help us prepare for the upcoming Orienteering Competition versus the local JROTC Units.  This was topped off with a terrain association land navigation course where the squads competed.

Unit Elections were held electing our new Unit Commander and Executive Officer.

These are the classes that were taught this ...

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January 2016 Awards and Promotions


No Promotions

Young Marine of the Quarter
YM GySgt Murphy

Volunteer of the Quarter
Mr. J. Keagan Miller

Parent of the Quarter
Mrs. Adrienne Reisinger

Physical Fitness Ribbon

YM GySgt Murphy
YM Cpl Keene (2nd class)
YM LCpl Frierson (2nd class)
YM LCpl Webb
YM PFC Frierson
YM Pvt Hollinger
YM Pvt Simon (1st class)
YM Pvt Webb (2nd class)

No ...

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Laser Tag

Laser Tag Lock-in

What’s happening?

This event is being hosted by the Butler County Young Marines. This is an overnight lock-in which will have food, laser tag, go-carting, and more. We will be conducting a car pool to and from the event.

Unit Calendar

How much does it cost?

This event costs $25/person and is due by Wednesday, February 10.

When is it?

Friday, February 12, 11:45pm – Saturday, February 13, 7:00am.

Where do I show up?

Meet ...

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