October 2017 Awards and Promotions

Staff Awards:

Longevity Award

19 Years

Mr. John Bankowitz

11 Years

Bro. Tim Cahill

Special Awards:

Young Marine of the Quarter

YM Pvt Howard

Young Marine Leader of the Quarter

YM Cpl Bobo

Registered Adult of the Quarter

Mrs. Kim Bowling

Ribbon Awards:


Good Conduct

YM Sgt Slader (2nd Award)
YM Cpl Bobo
YM LCpl Penson


Academic Achievement

Gold Lamp

YM PFC Miller K

Color Guard

with gold bar

YM Sgt Slader

Outstanding Salesmanship

YM Sgt Slader (3rd Award)
YM Cpl Bobo (4th Award)
YM LCpl Meserve
YM LCpl Murray E (2nd Award)
YM LCpl Wright
YM PFC Miller B (2nd Award)
YM PFC Miller K
YM PFC Murray A (2nd Award)
YM PFC Murray T
YM Pvt Howard

Drug Demand Reduction

YM LCpl Taylor


Community Service

YM GySgt Loper (8th Award)
YM Sgt Sollinger (6th Award)
YM Cpl Bobo (7th Award)


Community Leadership

YM Cpl Bobo




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