The Three Word Address

seated.poems.from, duet.excavating.cracks, and spine.owners.craved…

These seem meaningless right?  Wrong.

These are part of a new website that is setting out to change addresses for the entire world.  A lot of smaller, less developed nations have a tough time getting an addressing system that works within their community.  What3words set out to change that.

They have divided the entire Earth into 3 meter squares and assigned each a 3 word address using 40,000 words.  These seemingly random words however give people “lost” in the mix of the world a chance to be found.  With natural disasters and other tragedies throughout the globe, this new application gives first responders and disaster relief experts the ability to pinpoint people’s location.

Want to learn more?  Check out the TedTalk on it:



So those meaningless words above… they map to the Alpha Platoon Headquarters, the Bravo Platoon Headquarters, and Camp Gondor respectively.

So go ahead and check out what3words yourself.  Prize to the first Young Marine to tell me what is located at driver.tasty.burst!

Find your house and other favorite locations and link them below or on Facebook!



  1. bobo  October 20, 2017

    The Huber Heights Fire Station is located at driver.tasty.burst!


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