Award Requirements

DEA Device

Every year, Young Marines around the country strive to make their communities better by teaching other youth to live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.  One the most coveted awards in our program is the DEA Device.  Those few that have went above and beyond just handing our flyers and having brief chats with folks in their community are able to display the DEA’s badge on their Drug Demand Reduction Ribbon.

How do I earn ...

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Submitting Esprit Articles

Young Marines,

Have you ever wondered how to submit articles for the Young Marine Esprit Magazine?  It isn’t hard at all and I urge all of you to try it.  You all do so many great things with your unit and you should share those experiences with other units across the country.

Why should I submit an article?

There are several reasons to submit an article.  It will improve your writing ability, get exposure ...

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Individuals of the Quarter Awards

Each quarter we award three special awards.  One for the Young Marine of the Quarter, one for the Staff Member of the Quarter, and one for the Parent of the Quarter.

These are selected by the Unit Commander based on nominations from anyone.  Anytime you see someone (YM, Parent, or Staff) that is going above and beyond to ensure our Unit is the best that it can be, then please take a moment and fill out the

How do I nominate someone?:

Nominations ...

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Recruiting Ribbons

There are two ribbons that Young Marines can earn for their recruiting efforts.

The first and easiest to get is the Outstanding Recruiter Award.

This is awarded to any Young Marine that brings in five or more recruits within a year.  At least three of those five must graduate recruit training.  That’s it.  You can get more than one awarding of this (bronze stars).  With our class coming up soon, get out there and earn one for yourself!


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Sportsmanship Award

This new series will not only offer the description from the awards manual (as you see below), but also speak a bit further about it as it applies to our unit.  Questions can always be posed in the comments below and we will make every effort to help you fully understand awards criteria.  You can also add a comment about a future award you would like to see in this section.

This first award has been given out fairly regularly and ...

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