The Miami Valley Young Marines are the area’s premiere youth development and drug demand reduction organization in the area.

We follow the core values of Leadership, Teamwork, and Discipline to help make any youth the best they can be.

For more information on what the Young Marines are all about, please check out our About Us Section.

If you are already sold… then follow the steps below to join!


Complete a Recruit Enrollment Packet

This packet must be completed prior to any Recruit starting our training program.

Questions regarding this packet should be directed to our Unit Adjutant.


Attend a Regular Meeting (Drill) or Open House

We don’t currently have any Open Houses scheduled, but you are welcome to come out to any Drill Night and enroll.

Alpha Platoon (Huber Heights) every 1st and 3rd Wednesday | Bravo Platoon (Troy) every 2nd and 4th Wednesday

All meetings run from 6:00pm – 8:30pm.


Complete Recruit Training

Recruit Training is a 3 month process consisting of at least 6 Wednesday night meetings and one 24 hour encampment.

Recruits can only miss 5 hours total throughout training (Wednesdays are 2.5 hours and the encampment is 24 hours).  Anything more than this and the Recruit will need to participate in extra drills to make up the hours.  Recruits may also have to continue with extra meetings if they fail to pass the final exam.

Once all requirements are met, a small graduation ceremony will be conducted at the next drill and they will then continue as a Young Marine from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the meetings held?

We have several locations that we meet.  The primary locations are the St. Peter Church, 6161 Chambersburg Road in Huber and the AMVETS, 3449 Lefevre Road in Troy.

What does Alpha and Bravo Platoons mean?

Alpha Platoon meets in Huber Heights and Bravo meets in Troy.  You are welcome to choose which platoon your Young Marines are assigned to based on where you live geographically.

Note that the meetings held on the 1st and 2nd meetings each month follow the same schedule, as does the one for the 3rd and 4th.  So if your Recruit/Young Marine cannot make a meeting, try to get them to the other Platoon’s matching drill to prevent missing training.

Who do I come to with questions throughout training?

While you are welcome to ask any of our Staff questions, your primary contact should be the Drill Instructor or the Young Marine Recruit Instructors.  Your Recruit will be introduced to the training staff on their first drill, so they should always know who the Drill Instructor and Young Marine Instructors are.

How much is the program?

The initial cost for our program is $250.  This includes their military backpack, camouflage uniform, dues, insurance, boots, t-shirts, and knot tying rope.

After that initial cost the dues each August are $25.  There are also nominal costs for certain trips and activities throughout the year.

What if I cannot afford it?

We know the sticker shock the price tag gives.  Unfortunately as a non-profit organization we cannot afford to purchase uniforms for every youth.  However, we also do everything within our power to not turn away a youth who desires to join from our program for cost alone.

Numerous veteran organizations and fraternal groups in the community love sponsoring youth.  We suggest calling the AMVETS, VFW, Marine Corps Leage, Elks, Moose, or any other community support oriented group and request to speak with their commander/president.  From there, have your youth tell what they know about the program and why they want to join.

Not only will most of these offer to pay for all or part of their dues, it also helps spread the word of our organization to the community.  If they do donate, please don’t forget to write them a thank you note for their generosity.

What if we cannot make a meeting?

We understand that things come up or youth get sick, however, as a group built on discipline and leadership and the depth of our training we simply cannot allow more than 5 hours of missed training throughout recruit training and those hours must be excused.  This means either two Wednesday night sessions or one Sunday afternoon sessions.

For a meeting to be considered excused, an Excused Absence Request must be completed prior to the start of drill.  These are required for Young Marines and Recruits for all mandatory meetings.